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HIROX KH-7700 3D Digital Video Microscope

HIROX KH-7700 3D Digital Video Microscope

The HIROX KH-7700 3D Digital Video Microscope is an optical inspection microscope used to image objects with rough surfaces or irregular topology, do optical comparisons, measure feature sizes in two or three dimensions, generate 3D profiles, and view objects from multiple perspectives. The optics are optimized for digital imaging, and it has a significantly larger depth of field than conventional optical microscopes. It also has a motor driven prism system that makes it possible to record streaming video movies of objects viewed from a rotating perspective.

Contact: Jarret Wright (
Location: ICTAS CRC room 1003

HIROX KH-7700 3D Digital Video Microscope is equipped with:

  • 50X-400X zoom lenses for static and rotational viewing at oblique angles
  • Magnifications from 1X to 7000X (field of views from 340mm to 0.049mm)
  • Diffuse, variable angle, and co-axial lighting; removable fiber optic adapter for flexible lighting arrangements
  • Automatic Z-axis control and focusing with software for 3D profilometry
  • Software for optical comparison of images with a master pattern
  • Static images recorded with up to 4800×6400 pixel resolution (30 megapixels) in jpg, bmp, or tiff file formats; dynamic image recording in avi format (selectable resolution)
  • Portable LCD display unit and lens heads
  • DVD multi drive for storing data in DVD-RAM, DVD+/-RW, DVD+/-R, CD-RW or CD-R formats

Detailed Specifications