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FEI Quanta 600 FEG

FEI Quanta 600 FEG

FEI Quanta 600 FEG: Environmental FEG-SEM equipped with EDS, heating stage, mechanical testing fixture

The FEI Quanta 600 FEG is an environmental SEM using a Schottky field emission (FEG) electron source that can operate in high-vacuum, low-vacuum and extended-vacuum modes. It is used to image samples that are difficult to impossible to image in standard high vacuum SEMs; the SEM can operate with pressures around the sample up to 4000 Pa and in conjunction with a Peltier stage can image fully hydrated samples, a critical advantage for imaging biological samples. in situ experiments such as hydrating, dehydrating and heating samples are possible with this ESEM.


  • Accelerating voltage: 200V to 30kV
  • Probe current: up to 100nA continuously adjustable
  • Operating pressure: High-vacuum 6 ×10−4 Pa, Low-vacuum 10 to 130 Pa, ESEM-vacuum 10 to 4000 Pa
  • Detectors: 1 x Everhart-Thornley SED, 1 x Low-vacuum SED (LFD), 1 x Gaseous SED (GSED), 1 x  Solid-state BSED, 1 x Gaseous BSED, 1 x IR-CCD
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS): Bruker QUANTAX 400 with XFlash 4010 (10mm2) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Energy Resolution Mn K – 125eV at over 100,000 cps, detection B ~ Am
  • Stage Travel: X = Y = 150mm, Z = 65mm (Z clearance 93.5mm), Tilt = -5° to +70° degrees (WD dependent), R = 360° continuous
  • Compatible with i) Heating stage ~1000°C and ii) Kammrath Weiss tensile module
  • Spatial resolution
    • High-vacuum
      • 1.2nm at 30kV (SE)
      • 2.5nm at 30kV (BSE)
      • 3.0nm at 1kV (SE)
    • Low-vacuum
      • 1.5nm at 30kV (SE)
      • 2.5nm at 30kV (BSE)
      • 3.0nm at 3kV (SE)
    • Extended vacuum mode (ESEM)
      • 1.5nm at 30kV (SE)

Sample Images

sample esem1
sample esem2
sample esem4