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JEOL IT-500HR is a newly installed state-of-the-art analytical scanning electron microscope using a Schottky field emission (FEG) electron source. The most attractive features of this instrument are a seamless link from optical to high magnification SEM images and automated large area imaging and spectroscopy analyses. It is also capable of both low acceleration voltage (0.5kV) and high resolution (1.5nm) imaging.

Contact: Stephen McCartney (
Location: ICTAS CRC room 1005


  • Accelerating voltage: 500V to 30kV
  • Operating pressure: High-vacuum, Low-vacuum up to 150Pa
  • Detectors: 1 x Everhart-Thornley (SED) for secondary electron imaging, 1 x Multi-segment solid state backscattered electron detector (BSED) for composition, topographic and variable shadow imaging.
  • Magnification: x 14 to x 1,680,000 (display 358mm x269mm)
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS): Oxford Instruments, AZtecLive Automated Microanalysis System with UltimMax100 (100mm2) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), Energy Resolution Mn K - 127eV at 130,000 cps.
  • Surface imaging, analysis and metrology software: Digital Surf- MountainsMap SEM (Contour, Basic Surface Texture, Color Image Overlay, Colocalization, Surface Stitching, SEM)
  • Stage Travel: X= 125mm, Y= 100mm, Z= 5-80mm continuous, Tilt=-10° to +90°, R=360°
  • Compatible with Kammrath Weiss tensile module
  • Spatial resolution
      • 1.5nm at 30kV
      • 4.0nm at 1kV
    • Low-vacuum
      • 1.8nm at 15kV