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PHI Quantera Hybrid XPS

The PHI Quantera Hybrid is an upgraded model of the PHI Quantera SXM, a Scanning X-ray Microscope used for the quantitative analysis of chemical elements and chemical states within the top few nanometers of a surface. The Quantera Hybrid enables analysis of both a very small area of user interest and a large area of the uniform sample surface. Depth profiling can be accomplished with automated ion milling. Angle resolved XPS provides a nondestructive analysis of ultra-thin films, revealing thickness, composition and chemical state of each elements.

Contact: Weinan Leng (
Location: ICTAS CRC room 1014

PHI Quantera Hybrid is equipped with: 

  • A scanning monochromatic Al Ka (1486.7 eV) x-ray source with a highly focused beam in selectable size from 9 to 200 microns
  • Sample positioning station for high magnification images of the specimen surface and ease in locating analysis points 
  • Multi-style sample platens, automated sample introduction and stage movement 
  • Heating stage (up to 300 C)