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NCFL Instrument Time Mini-Grant

NCFL Instrument Time Mini-Grant Program

The NCFL is a University Service Center that attempts to recover as much of its operating costs as feasible (up to 100%). Nevertheless, there are occasions when limited resources are available to pay for instrument time. The Mini-Grant Program subsidizes instrument use for the following purposes: (a) for demonstrations in support of the University’s curriculum and outreach efforts, (b) to complete a sponsored research program with insufficient funds, or (c) to collect preliminary data to make a proposal more compelling. Submit the NCFL-MiniGrant-Form with the below rules and expectations in mind.

General rules for requesting Mini-Grants

  • With the exception of instrument time requested for courses or outreach, Mini-Grants are allocated as matching dollars for instrument time purchased from other funding sources (one dollar of Mini-Grant instrument time for each dollar of instrument time charged to a grant or contract).
  • Only PI’s can request Mini-Grants.
  • All funds not used on a Mini-Grant expire at the end of each fiscal year (June 30).  A PI may resubmit for the next fiscal year, but please note that inactivity on a Mini-Grant lowers the likelihood of a subsequent Mini-Grant being funded.

Expectations of requesters

  • Prior to requesting Mini-Grant support, discuss the feasibility of the work for which the Mini-Grant is requested with the appropriate NCFL technical staff.
  • Describe the outcome of previous Mini-Grant awards (if any). Include a list of proposals submitted, the amount requested for NCFL contractual services, proposals funded, and related publications resulting from the Mini-Grants.
  • If the Mini-Grant is being requested to complete a research project, describe the plan for disseminating the results.  For example, list the publications for which the data will be used and how the NCFL will be involved (given an acknowledgement, co-authorship, et cetera).
  • Describe the work for which Mini-Grant support is requested, including:
    • The instruments needed
    • The amount of instrument time required
    • The experimental details and expected results, and how the work will be completed (i.e. does it require NCFL personnel or will the work be done by a previously trained user?
    • The reason Mini-Grant support is needed.

Compliance with these expectations will generally increase the likelihood of Mini-Grant support.