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TEM: JEOL 2100


The JEOL 2100 TEM is a state-of-the-art field thermionic emission analytical electron microscope. A silicon drift detector-based EDS system allows rapid, high-throughput chemical mapping of samples. A high tilt cryo tomography holder enables the 3D reconstruction of polymeric and biological samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures. A special FIB-compatible holder allows direct transfer of samples between the FIB and the TEM. Z-contrast imaging is enabled by a dedicated BF/DF detector system. The high-resolution pole piece provides 0.2nm point-to-point imaging, enabling HRTEM imaging. Diffraction patterns are easily captured using a dedicated diffraction camera.

Typical applications for this instrument are the imaging of soft and hard materials, diffraction analysis of crystalline materials, cryo and room temperature tomography, chemical mapping, and general research. Users can be trained to operate this instrument autonomously. Training for basic operation consists of two, four hour sessions. Additional training sessions will be required for advanced operation, such as EDS mapping, tomography, STEM, and other modes.