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PHI Quantera SXM

PHI Quantera SXM-03

The PHI Quantera SXM is a Scanning Photoelectron Spectrometer Microprobe (XPS, also known as ESCA). It is used for quantitative analysis of the chemical elements and chemical states within the top few nanometers of a surface. The Quantera features a focussed, monochromated X-ray source for small-spot analysis, and it is automated for high sample throughput. Depth profiling can be accomplished with automated ion milling.

The NCFL’s PHI Quantera SXM is equipped with:

  • A scanning monochromatic X-ray source with a highly focused beam (<9 microns) for rapid chemical state imaging
  • 75 mm sample platen, automated sample introduction and stage movement
  • Capable of performing analytical surveys, high-resolution multiplexes, sputter depth profiles, line scans, chemical images, automated analyses with user-defined settings
  • Hot/Cold stage

Detailed Specifications

Sample Images

Sample xps1
Sample xps2