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Philips EM 420

Philips EM 420

The Philips EM420 is a conventional TEM, mainly focuses on BF/DF imaging and electron diffraction. The microscope is capable low acceleration voltage operation (from 60 up to 120kV), thus it is ideal for polymer, bio and other electron beam sensitive materials. This TEM is also ideal for routine TEM investigations, sample survey and large tilting diffraction/imaging experiments. The TEM is used for training, teaching and research/research education.

The NCFL’s EM420 is equipped with:

  • Thermionic W (tungsten) electron source
  • Point resolution 0.34nm
  • Line resolution 0.2nm
  • Variable acceleration voltage from 40 to 120 kV (20kV is possible with ultra thin sample)
  • High sample tilt capability ±45°
  • Philips Single tilt holder
  • Philips Double tilt holder
  • Gatan 628 Single tilt heating holder with water recirculation
  • Slow scan CCD camera for BF/DF imaging and electron diffraction pattern recording

Sample Images