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FEI Titan 300

Titan FEI 300

The FEI TITAN 300 is a state-of-the-art field emission analytical electron microscope. It’s bailiwick is small electron probe based techniques, including STEM-HAADF imaging and high spatial resolution EELS and EDS. The microscope has a robust column structure, improving image stability at higher magnification. Typical applications are i) chemical and structural analysis of a wide range of materials in nanoscale (materials must be high vacuum compatible) and ii) high-resolution imaging including energy-filtered imaging. The TEM is used for research/research education and access to this TEM is limited to experienced users.

Detailed Specifications

Sample Images

Titan sample
TEM Micrograph of several AlZr3 precipitates in an aluminum alloy. Popcorn-shaped precipitates form at 375 degrees C and are responsible for increasing the strength of the alloy. Each precipitate is roughly 15 nanometers across. Image courtesy of Joerg Jinschek, Bill Reynolds, Vincent Caluori, Kristine Obusek, and Keith Knipling.
sample titan1
A high-resolution electron microscope image of nanometer-sized twins in Ni-Fe-Ga ferromagnetic shape-memory alloy. Image courtesy of Joerg Jinschek and Bill Reynolds.