Veeco BioScope II

bioafmThe Veeco BioScope II is an atomic force microscope (AFM) integrated with a Nikon confocal microscope and nanolithography package for biological or molecular patterning. It is capable of imaging in dry or fluid environments with temperature control. It can be used for spatial identification and mapping of protein molecules and cellular structures, studies of lipid membrane composition and reorganization events, investigations of cell response to mechanical stimulation and real-time observation of cell signaling events.

The NCFL’s PHI Quantera SXM is equipped with:

  • A scanning monochromatic X-ray source with a highly focused beam (<9 microns) for rapid chemical state imaging
  • 75 mm sample platen, automated sample introduction and stage movement
  • Capable of performing analytical surveys, high-resolution multiplexes, sputter depth profiles, line scans, chemical images, automated analyses with user-defined settings
  • Hot/Cold stage

Detailed specifications

Sample Images