Bill ReynoldsWilliam Reynolds

NCFL Director
(540) 231-6825

Susette SowersSusette Sowers

Receptionist; Accounts and Building Access

(540) 231-0466

Stephen McCartneyStephen McCartney

Primary contact for SEM, AFM, Secondary contact for TEM
(540) 553-6954 or (540)231-9765

Mitsu MurayamaMitsuhiro (Mitsu) Murayama

High Resolution Electron Microscopy (TEM and STEM)
(540) 357-0466

Jay TuggleJay Tuggle

Primary contact for XPS and Nanoindenter, Secondary contact for FIB, TEM 420

Christopher WinklerChristopher Winkler

Primary contact for the EM420 and JEOL 2100 TEMs, secondary contact for the FIB
(540) 200-9511,

Ya-Peng YuYa-Peng Yu

Primary contact for the FIB